Irukandji Aquarium Anna Bay

Irukandji in Port Stephens is a unique interactive aquarium that allows visitors to experience the true nature of sharks, rays and the weird and wonderful world of the ocean. This Unique experience is a lifetime opportunity to interact with marine life by joining them in their world. Irukandji takes away that danger with a wide array of friendly Sharks and Rays just bursting to say Hi. Have a close encounter with up to 190 Sharks and Rays not to mention the other species hanging around like Barry Barramundi.

Irukandji is a massive family, Fish and staff alike, whose life dream is to reveal the true character of some of the world’s most beautiful, intelligent, elusive creatures and at the same time educate us about the Australia’s delicate ocean ecosystems. Education on conservation plays a major roll at the attraction with visitors passion and empathy to our fish family helping to promote a healthy ocean for their wild cousins. Every visitor is to receive a journey involving an interactive guided experience along with intrinsically important conservation messages supporting the world’s oceans, as well as a unique and creative experience like no other.

2 Jessie Road, Anna Bay NSW 2316
(02) 4982 2476

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