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Quad Bike King Tours is family owned and have operated on the massive Stockton Sand Dune system in Port Stephens for almost 12 years. Tours are never the same twice! To ensure a unique experience they don’t follow the same tracks all day and tailor tours to suit each individual group. The quads are quick enough to do what you need and are not overpowering or daunting, they are fun and easy to operate for the individual or whole family to enjoy.

Shipwreck Adventure

Discover the amazing eco-system that is Stockton Beach. Ride across beautiful sand dunes, catching glimpses of the ocean, bushland and Newcastle. During your tour you will come across the Sygna, a Norwegian freighter that lost its battle with the 1974 cyclone that hit the Newcastle coast line producing 17meter high waves and winds up to 160km.

The total experience is 1.5 hours with 1 hour of quad riding, plus 30 minutes of 4WD travel time to and from sand dunes.

The Sandpit

In this adventure you can push your riding skills to the limit as you four drift around the sand dune circuit, master donuts on sand and challenge your mates to that all important question who rules the sands?

The total experience is 1.5 hours with 1 hour of quad riding, plus 30 minutes of 4WD travel time to and from sand dunes.

Shipwreck + Sandpit Adventure Tours

If you don’t think one Quad Bike King experience will feed your adrenaline cravings for the day – why not tackle both of the Quad Bike King adventures one after the other?

That’s right – 1.5 hours of non-stop quad riding, plus 30 minutes of 4WD travel time to and from sand dunes.

Mix it up with a full Shipwreck Adventure Tour, zooming over the huge dunes before heading down to beachfront to see the Sygna Shipwreck then following our guides through the twist, turns, jumps and dips of the ‘moguls’.

Then let loose when you Enter the Sandpit for another 30 minutes of craziness – donuts, sideways drifting and fishtails all allowed!! It’s up to you which way you want to do it too – you choose – Shipwreck tour or Sandpit first.


Experience the thrill of surfing down some of the largest sand dunes on Stockton Beach.

All our packages come with the option of unlimited surfing!

Please note that the sandboarding is at a different location to our headquarters. If you decide to add this option onto your booking, you will receive an admission ticket valid for unlimited sandboarding.

Minimum Age

Children can ride from age 8 years but they must be 120cm tall or more.

Our bikes are not over powering therefore the whole family can share in the experience.


Whether it be for a Birthday, Bucks, Hens, Family or Corporate group there is a package to suit you.

We can cater for groups from 1-20! We believe in safety and will have the safest guide to customer ratio. We will always treat our customers as individuals and we can be sure no one wants to be pressured to keep up, or slow down to suit the “group”. No one will be left behind; no one will be forced to keep up at Quad Bike King.

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