Snorkelling Fly Point

Fish Feeding Frenzy is all that can be said about fly point snorkelling. You don’t have to go in deep to join the action here. In knee deep water, fish will gather round you, and at times you have to push them away to look at specific marine life. The soft sponges are colourful and the sea grass is always interesting. On a visit to Port Stephens, Fly Point is a must on your agenda.

Fly Point is located in between Nelson Bay and Little Beach. From the Information Centre in Nelson Bay, drive further along the road for approx. 1-1.5 kms and the road will take a 90 degree right turn. Just as this turn starts, a road continues to follow the beach to the left, take this road, and as it climbs the hill it turns to the right, park anywhere here. It has easy access via a set of concrete stairs to the snorkel site

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