Wind Surfing Port Stephens

Port Stephens attracts high winds in the afternoons which are great for windsurfers to take full advantage of. Having a harbour 3 times the size of Sydney and being part of a peninsula with calm and surf beaches, there is an amazing session for winds coming from any direction. Whether speed or jumping waves is you preference this is a windsurfers paradise.


  • Soldiers Point

Soldiers Point can be sailed on an easterly through to nor east… although you will be running almost parallel to the beach it self. You have to work your way out and can then zoom up and down on some pretty long runs (approx 4ks or so). Pretty much flat water (but not by the speed freak standards)

  • Shoal Bay

Shoal Bay can work well in the same wind conditions as above BUT you have to be mindful of the tides. The Port itself is a massive expanse of water (6 times the size of Sydney Harbour) with all the water moving in or out via the heads. You don’t want to be anywhere near the heads when the tide is on the turn and heading out. With winter now upon us, southerly winds right round to westerlies are the predominant pattern.

  • Fingal Bay

Fingal Bay can work very well in a southerly/sse/se but its a bit of a walk in. You sail on the outside of the spit (heads side) but again need to be mindful of tide. It can produce a pretty good wave ride when its on but there is only a handful of guys who how sail it.

  • Birubi Beach

Birubi Beach for Westerlies but check the swell. The beach itself faces due south and with an expanse of beach stretching 38 kms down towards Stockton/Newcastle the stretch of coast is a swell magnet.

  • Bagnalls Beach

Bagnalls Beach has a big grassy rigging area along with showers and taps if you carry a hose. A few of the speed/slalom crew hit it during summer nor easters. In a westerly it will be a little bumpy but some pretty long fast runs to be had. You can head down wind a bit and line up the sand banks OR launch from Dutchmans Beach if you are after some bump and jump action. Just check the depth of the water over the bank first ! If you are after waves, Birubi is the go in a Westerly!

Depending on swell direction there is a decent sized wave that works in the middle of the bay, its in between Fly point and Jimmis Beach on the Hawks nest side. Off to cross off in a west or west south west. Normally only happens a few times a year in the winter westerly winds and low pressure systems for swell.

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